Welcome to the official website of Arick Elion. I consider myself a very self-motivated artist. I have been into art since the 3rd grade, so if you do the math, I have 27 years of experience under my belt. Well, fast forward to today. I am a skilled photographer, praised illustrator, video director, editor, motion designer, and graphic designer. Art is my life and I love it! I really wouldn't want to have it any other way.


I try with every project to push the envelope as far as I can to become a better artist and creator for myself and my clients. Some people find inspiration from life experiences and some find inspiration from other artists. I find my inspiration from my work ethic, my drive, and my need to succeed. That's what pushes me. I guess in slang words, "I'm Hungry!". 


I would like to describe my style as clean, simple, and straight to the point. I do believe that less is more. Whether it be with photography or design, a clear and direct message is all you need and should be intending to convey with your art. That's what I want for people to see. There is no need to ask useless questions. Once you see the work, everything will be there for you to see and understand.